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Today’ selection is Nightwing #45   from back in July of 2000. Penned by Chuck Dixon, and drawn by Greg Land, this book is actually part 1 of the Hunt for Oracle storyline, which is a four part crossover with the Birds of Prey Volume 1, issues 20 and 21.

Nightwing 45 finds Dick Grayson in a tough spot as he has been captured by the Blockbuster Gang.  Mr. Desmond, aka Blockbuster, is obsessed with finding out Oracle’s true identity, and has started attacking people close to her, starting with Nightwing. He is at the mercy of a pair of twins who have a bond stranger than Jaimie and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. They love torturing people, and can’t wait to start their new assignment. But Dick’s not gonna talk so easily... he was trained by the best, after all.

And speaking of tough spots, this issue also features our very own Black Canary, who is being hunted in the jungle by two more of Blockbuster’s associates, Lady Vic and Brutale.

We also see Mr. Desmond interact with Giz and Mouse, a pair of Geek Squad rejects that he has hired to reverse hack Oracle and find out her location.

Now, this issue may have more going on than a musical sequence in a Baz Luhrmann film, and may be over the top at times, but it is a great lead into Birds of Prey issue #20, which is Part 2 of the Hunt for Oracle. It also features some great action sequences by Greg Land, and adds to the mythos of the shipping of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, which is always interesting.

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