Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Episode 49: Valhalla Baby

Chuck Dixon has displaced the Black Canary in Minnesota pre Columbian era.  She's not alone, of course.  Stuck in time with the Ravens: Chesire, Vicious, and Pistolero.  In the present day, Barbara Gordon is doing whatever it takes to get her friend Back to the Future...or present.  


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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Episode 48: Black Bird Fly/ Gail Simone Interview!!!!!

Canary is knee deep in deep cover in issue 9 of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey by Julie and Shawna Benson.  Roge Antonio and Allen Passalaqua really join forces on this one with the pencils and colors. Underground Fight Clubs, new villains, lost souls...all of that is here in one issue.  Will Huntress and Batgirl be able to save their friend, who happens to be a meta-human?

At 515 seconds you can hear the exclusive Gail Simone interview that our own Mark Blair conducted, wonderfully, I might add.  Gail talks about things ranging from Birds of Prey, the anticipated Batgirl movie, and her original comic, Clean Room.

Listen in.  And we we have a promo for the new The Batgirl: Cassandra Cain podcast.  At 13:30 seconds you can hear the promo with original music by Mya Briones.  Contact her at the following to see more of her original work:

Instagram: @myabriones and @myabmusic

Twitter: @meekmya



Youtube: Mya Briones 


Darrin and Ruth Sutherland, thank you for being so generous with your support.  

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gail Simone Interview at Dallas Fan Days!

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come from our next podcast!  Mark was able to get this stellar interview from Gail Simone, a writer who took the book to the next level, which has cemented her legacy in the DC Universe.  



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