Tuesday, March 14, 2017

History Lesson

Feathers and Foes are back with Butch Guice and Chuck Dixon, the creative team behind this beautiful display of a comic.  Black Canary and Dinah meet for the first time, but before they can bust out into the Kid n Play, a blast from the past causes the two birds to part again.  The Ravens.  'Nuff Said!

Check out this episode!

This issue is big, guys.  A proper meeting between Dinah and Babs.  Finally! Creative team is thrown around a lot, but the pacing in the scenes where Dinah is actually inside the Clock Tower are actually quite moving.  Yes, the two did meet at the Docks for that brief moment in the Hunt for Oracle saga, but that was not a proper sit down.  In issue 28, the two actually asked questions, answered them, felt out each other's cadence in facial expressions to speech patterns to body movement.

Butch Guice's pencils are working in this issue, earning credibility with each stroke. He and colorist Shannon Blanchard really captured the spirit of how a meeting between the two would go...if they ever took a day off from crime fighting to share a cup of Folgers.  There is so much movement and jazz in these scenes that I feel like I could have enjoyed a whole book of these two answering every mystery they have had between the two.  Of course, there are other pressing matters, such as we have Cheshire, who is back from the past, wrecking shop.  Killing scientist at Star Labs, Cheshire is at large, which causes Black Canary to be dragged into this Temporal Travel business.

This new adventure seems promising, but I can't wait for the two, Black Canary and Oracle, to team up again, in person that is.

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