Thursday, January 12, 2017

Birds of Prey 26: Suitor

Bane is in this issue!  How cool is that?  

Check out this episode!

Bane is an intimidating figure throughout the DC universe.  He broke Batman's back one time, which had long lasting repercussions. This makes the character interesting to me, for when he shows up on the scene, any body can get it.  Even one of the members of DC's Big 3.  The art by Butch Guice is detailed, fitting, and spectacular.  The opening pages are narrated by Bane.  The Birds of Prey are like featured characters in their own book.  Believe it or not, in this situation, it's OK.

Batman lore is all over this book:  Lazarus' Pits, Demon soldiers of Ra's Al Ghul, and even a brief appearance of Talia, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.  In all media Bane comes off in a myriad of ways.  In this story he comes off as a mad man who is mentally misguided and dangerous.  He says he's in love with Talia, so in this story he is seeking her out to choke the life out of her.  Rather disturbing premise for this issue.
 Once again Black Canary is cool as every, even when Bane is sweet talking her.  Black Canary was written to switch the tone up a bit, yet there are many panels that are uncomfortable.  Circumstances got Black Canary out of a lot of compromising situations.  This book's purpose is setting up a plot slated about six issues after this.  Chuck Dixon is a master of the long game as usual.

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