Saturday, September 3, 2016


Check out this episode!

Tim Drake, front and not so center, on the cover of issue 19 of the Birds of Prey.  What could be in store for the Birds and Robin? Hi-jinks! I just love the combination of Barbara and Tim Drake.  Two hi-tech geniuses/detectives.  They would make the perfect team.  Yes, I understand that Babes and Dick are the ones with the history, but Babara Gordon and Tim Drake would make dollar and scents.  OK, I will stop with the gushing.  This issue is the "Bottle" episode leading into the Hunt for Oracle saga.  Now some key events did arise in this issue; however, a reader didn't need to know the details of this book to follow the Hunt for Oracle crossover, which I believe may have been my introduction to Birds of Prey.

The Bat Family is in full effect in this picture.  Another down home issue where we get to see characters not taking on bad guys, but interacting with each other, a character driven piece.  Masks, issue 19, deals with a love, not triangle, square.
Ted Kord, former Blue Beetle, appears on the scene.  He and Oracle were internet homies before discovering who each other were in reality.  I thought Chuck Dixon, the writer, did a great job of characterizing Tim being a huge fan of Ted Kord, which makes perfect sense.  Give me my Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, a Blue Beetle comic.

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