Thursday, September 29, 2016

Episode 34: The Deep

The Deep is the Hunt for Oracle, the last installment of the four part Nightwing/Birds of Prey crossover.  The End is near.  Oracle is on the run while Black Canary is trying to save her from the hands of Block Buster.   

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Birds are hot on this new Oracle's trail.  Unfortunately, so is Santo's henchmen.  Batgirl and Black Canary are also trying to get used to The Huntress.

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Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 2 is another off to the races issue.  High speed action, character moments, and plot movement most definitely.  We are waiting are still waiting for the pay off of discovering who this Oracle identity thief person is and how the Birds are going to stop them.

Of course, with someone else using the name Oracle, this story is going to be something that is personal to our protagonists, especially Barbara Gordon who has called Jim Gordon, her father.  Although we are not quite sure if Jim Gordon knows that Batgirl and Babes are one of them same, he definitely shows a lot of emotion when trying to convince Batgirl to sit this one out, for he believes that this case may be too dangerous.  If you look at the picture about, you will see The Birds and J. Gordon being tailed by Santo's men.  High speed chase in cars and motor bikes!  You even see Batgirl with a shotgun to blow the henchmen's tires out.  We can not stress enough how much Batgirl is not playing in this book.

We did mention that this fight is personal and very down home.  So of course Batman makes an appearance in this book; however not his shadow, not even his silhouette over shadows the power and presence of Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Episode 31: The Hunt 4 Oracle

Blockbuster is on Oracle's trail, which is quite understandable, she has been draining money out of his accounts for years, and now he is going to make her pay up.  Black Canary is in the Jungle, trying to duck and dodge Blockbuster's hired guns.  This is a story that is part of a 4 issues crossover between the Birds of Prey book and Nightwing, both written by Chuck Dixon.  Join us!!!

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The Hunt for Oracle number 2: Noose, is off to the races like a Birds of Prey always in the BOP books.  Black Canary is looking like a leading Lady.  Dodging Daggers and Accents.  Accents are relative, I know.  

Close up hand to hand combat is all in this book.  Lady Vic and Black Canary are exchanging blows, fighting like the loser will not make it home.

Black Canary gets the better of Lady Vic.  As you can see, Black Canary is not messing around with this woman.  The stakes are high.  Oracle is being hunted down by Block Buster.  We love seeing Barbara Gordon in control at all times, but I have to say that this thriller has me on the edge of my seat as well as the characters.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


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Tim Drake, front and not so center, on the cover of issue 19 of the Birds of Prey.  What could be in store for the Birds and Robin? Hi-jinks! I just love the combination of Barbara and Tim Drake.  Two hi-tech geniuses/detectives.  They would make the perfect team.  Yes, I understand that Babes and Dick are the ones with the history, but Babara Gordon and Tim Drake would make dollar and scents.  OK, I will stop with the gushing.  This issue is the "Bottle" episode leading into the Hunt for Oracle saga.  Now some key events did arise in this issue; however, a reader didn't need to know the details of this book to follow the Hunt for Oracle crossover, which I believe may have been my introduction to Birds of Prey.

The Bat Family is in full effect in this picture.  Another down home issue where we get to see characters not taking on bad guys, but interacting with each other, a character driven piece.  Masks, issue 19, deals with a love, not triangle, square.
Ted Kord, former Blue Beetle, appears on the scene.  He and Oracle were internet homies before discovering who each other were in reality.  I thought Chuck Dixon, the writer, did a great job of characterizing Tim being a huge fan of Ted Kord, which makes perfect sense.  Give me my Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, a Blue Beetle comic.