Friday, August 12, 2016

The Hateful episode 28

"All you get is lost children" -MF Doom

Hateful is written by Chuck Dixon.  Art Team = Pencils -Dick Giordano; Inker -Jackson Guice and Gloria Vasquez as the colorist.
This is a civil war story.  Although this was written in the year 2000, the themes are timeless, of course.  While Black Canary is trying to survive the violence that is happening in Transbelvia, Oracle is trying to balance her work life, helping Dinah, and her social life, which happens to be Jason Bard, her ex-fiance.
Feathers and Foes are also covering the animated Killing Joke movie.  This episode is action packed for your listening pleasure.

Check out this episode!

We are in the self-proclaimed Golden Age of television, and I actually believe we are in a Renaissance, in deed.  One of the aspects of television and comics/graphic novel we have grown accustomed to is the story arcs.  However, no matter how "arc-plot" driven a show is in its run, the season will still stop everything to have a character building moment.  I believe this issue is not just a character building moment, but a comic building moment.  Birds of Prey 18: Hateful is reminding us what the Birds of Prey are all about in 22 pages.  Chuck Dixon is giving us a comic book about HEROES.  Look at the picture above, Canary, holding the hands of two children who may never be the same after this event, a Civil War between two races in Transbelvia.

These two kids may never trust the other side again after this event.  But maybe they will remember a time when a stranger placed their safety before hers.  Perhaps they will remember Dinah, the Black Canary - Hero.  

In comics we continue to hear about how all of us are just one bad day away from going off the edge.  Today, our supporting, guest character displayed that notion.  A young lady who took a risk, leaving her homeland and trying to practice her English and seek higher education in Metropolis.  However, all of that is cut short when she receives news that her brother and father fell victim to misguided hate.

Decisions that we make in split seconds determining the rest of our lives.  A cycle of endless violence passed from one generation to the next.  A country, pledging allegiance to the same flag, but when stuff hits the fan, sides are taken.  Dick Gioradano brought out the raw emotions that people are feeling in a time of war.  When folks are locked in together, they must learn to depend on one another in order to get out.  We would think that would engender a bonding moment, but in fact, it is what brought out the differences and primal behavior.  

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