Thursday, August 4, 2016

Feathers and Foes 1 - Shot Special: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth #1

The wait is over.  Batgirl and the Birds of Prey has arrived for the publicto read, digest, repeat.  I must admit, when the news came back that the Birds of Prey was hitting the stands for the first time since 2014, I was interested, but was a little more enthusiastic about the early days of the book, which we have been covering on Feathers and Foes since January 2016.  As we got closer to July 20th, 2016, my apprehension subsided and my anticipation brought me back to being a kid again.  For the first time in my life, I ordered a comic online, which was this book.
I wanted a midnight show, and let me tell you something...I got one.  This really felt like an event.  The fun of seeing these characters on the same page, and I don't mean that figuratively, was like Christmas morning.

Most of this story centers around Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, which came as no surprise; she is the headliner after all.  Her confidence oozed off the page like syrup dangling from the spoon of a hungry, inattentive child.  Shawna Benson and Julie Benson did well with getting me up to speed on these characters and where they are in the DC Universe.

When New52 came out, I read the first 20 issues of Batgirl, and jumped off when Gail Simone left the writing duties.  After her departure, the book took a couple of turns, leading towards the Burnside era that I am not up to speed on to be honest.  To me, it came off as trying to go for a younger audience, which I believe is a good move.  After all, DC needs to try to engage a younger fan base into being lifers.   I will go back and try to read that run sometime in the winter.

As for the Black Canary in the new 52, I read about three volumes of the Birds of Prey, which starred the Black Canary as the lead.  I remember being some what entertained, but eventually, because of time and budget constraints, I dropped the book.  Feathers and Foes will cover that era when we get there, so stay tuned for that one.  Now I did read the dozen issues of the Brenden Fletcher run with Annie We on art duties.  I highly recommend you seek that out.  That 12 issue run was experimental, fun, and daring, which made it one of the most dynamic books coming out of the era in my opinion.  Now the Benson sisters did capture the essence of Black Canary, Rocker slash Butt Kicker.  They even established that Babs and Dinah worked as the Birds of Prey when Barbara was the Oracle.

And then there is the Huntress, who appeared in the Nightwing Rebirth for a brief moment, which was ultra-cool!  Dick Grayson and Helena Bertinelli worked together in a spy organization called Spyral.  Huntress is my favorite comic book character, which many of you know.  I am going to reserve judgement on this incarnation of the Huntress, but I will give a slight spoiler.  I think I will love her.  Claire Roe on pencils and Allen Passalaqua, the colorist, really brings this opening issue to life.  I've read several Rebirth issues and none of them seem as dynamic and promising as this book.  The colors and emotions in just this one story are more than what I paid for.  I can't imagine how much fun it will be to read the ongoing story plus all of the callbacks that we get along the way.

Feathers and Foes are excited to talk about the new Rebirth Batgirl and the Birds of Prey series written by Shawna Benson and Julie Benson.  Art by Claire Roe.  We usually upload our podcast on Fridays, but we are excited about getting the dialogue going today.  Please join us in the conversation by contacting us on Twitter @feathersandfoes.


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