Friday, August 5, 2016

Episode 27: Nuclear Roulette

This was a fun episode with some intense content.  Nuclear Roulette stars the usual line up with an assist from Power Girl! Ashford, Mark, and Laura also did the retrospective about the Birds of Prey television show.  Feathers and Foes have covered the television show since March of this year.  What will we do without it?  I will miss it, indeed.    

Check out this episode!

Part 3 of 3 of this Joker/Terrorist saga.  Power Girl and the Black Canary go all out in order to stop some bad guys from launching a bomb that will kill every citizen in the Big Apple.  Oracle, with her ability to hack into satellites and the Pentagon, enlists Major Van Lewton and Lt. Providence to help out with this all or nothing mission.  Again, the intensity is on high, of course, but tempers are also flaring with a past beef between Oracle and Power Girl.  To our knowledge, this incident is not in a back issue, so I guess we are going to have to get this back story in a future book.  Long game!

Butch Guice makes Power Girl and the Black Canary look like women who can get the job done.  Not one time in this issue do I every think, "They need to get more people on the job.  With Power Girl's Atlantean ability, she is able to give flying capabilities to Dinah, so how can we lose? Even with my cocky, confidence in the Birds, Chuck Dixon still brings the intensity with the drama and suspense.

This was a 3 issue story arc where the narrative kind of "jumpcuts" from each book. In my personal opinion, there were some gaps that I believe could have made this story even better.  Especially in the trade paperback format era we live in today, this would have been a heck of a 6 part story.  Do you see the Joker in the picture above? Folks, the art in this book is just bananas.  

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